Server Managment Services

Let us save your sanity. You can save time and money by using our 24x7 server management services, allowing you to focus on more important aspects of your business.

Whether your servers are at your office or an off-site datacenter, we can provideyou with the expertise needed to make sure things run smoothly. Our skilled engineers will treat your servers as if they were our own, offering the same quality management services and around-the-clock personalized support.

Our highly trained and skilled system engineers monitor your network for critical issues and alerts to ensure the safety and continuity of your system. Our monitoring is watching your nightly backups, daily anti-virus update checks, hard disk health and available capacity, outage reviews and constant hacker attempt monitoring. We couple this remote capability with a monthly visit to your business where we perform a detailed inspection and check list review to be as thorough as possible.

Desktop Managment

To help users resolve their IT problems quickly and efficiently, Team Networks offers live Help Desk support as a core feature in our NetManage service plans.

Our Help Desk is staffed with local certified network consultants who are ready at a moment’s notice to assist anyone in your organization.

Not all help desk support is created equal. Thanks to our live online support technology, our certified technicians are able to see exactly what is happening on a user’s computer screen and even take control of the computer when simple instructions aren’t sufficient to troubleshoot the problem. As a result, our Help Desk consultants can resolve most desktop PC problems as if they were standing right beside you. All that’s required is a phone and an Internet connection.


Did you know that your network is always under constant attack? Hackers, phishers, viruses, malware, spam, and much more are pounding on the gates of your network every single day, trying to get in and disrupt your workflow and ultimately bring your business operations to it's knees.

Your network must actively defend against every possible vulnerability, while attackers only need to find and exploit a single weakness to hit a home run. So how can you keep up with, and manage this constantly evolving predicament?

Our service goes far beyond anti-virus and firewall security protection in that we provide daily monitoring to ensure your security software is running, up to date, and the computer is not infected. Additionally we prevent malware infections from activating with our Web Security service. We also manage all of the Microsoft Windows updates to make sure all security patches are installed and we prevent users from visiting websites that are known for data theft and other harmful activities to you organization. You also have the ability to block your employees from visiting websites that you deem to be inappropriate or a productivity drain. We sit down with you and look at categories like shopping, dating websites, social networking, etc. and give you the option on whether you want to allow users access or not.

Remote Backup

Simplify the backup and recovery of your most critical systems, applications, and data. On-premises backups are slow and prone to errors or hardware failures.

On-premises backups are slow and prone to errors or hardware failures. Team Networks Disk-to-Disk-to-Cloud (D2D2C) approach ensures online backups are fast, highly available, and efficient. Online backups are optimized to provide the fastest and most reliable recovery possible, all at a monthly cost even our smallest customer can afford.

Backups are encrypted in transit and stored online in hardened world-class data centers throughout the globe. Team Networks Backup’s D2D2C approach provides redundancy and reliability, so backup and recovery is possible with or without an Internet connection. Also, we monitor the nightly backup to make sure it executes successfully and we perform periodic test restores to ensure your critical data is there when you need it most.

Internet Domain Management

Team Networks can assist your business with Internet domain name registration and management.

Domain name management can be confusing and mistakes can be catastrophic. Failing to renew your domain name on time will result in loss of email services and possibly your entire website. Additionally, someone could register your expired name and hold it for ransom.

Team Networks can register domains, configure email services for your registered domains, keep track of renewals and monitor your domain names to ensure they are not blacklisted which can cause major disruptions to your email services.

Why risk it? Team Networks has the expertise to keep your Internet presence and email services safe.

Project Managment

Whether you have a straightforward project or a program consisting of multiple related initiatives, there is a requirement for efficiency in executing and managing the required tasks to achieve the desired outcome.

But often, companies do not have the requisite skills, resources or bandwidth to manage the work. In fact, over ½ of all projects are late, over budget or have a reduced scope and outcome. These companies will benefit from an outside expert organization providing this capability.

Regardless of your needs, Team Networks can provide the program and project management expertise necessary to be successful. We offer the understanding and qualifications to manage even the most complex programs based on your needs. Our services include the ability to manage projects, programs and initiatives efficiently – at whatever level is required.

Strategic IT Planning

Our professional IT planning services gives your business the resources you need to get things done.

It takes a diverse pool of expertise to pull off complex IT projects. In most cases, the challenges aren't just technical.

Most infrastructure projects require the coordination of a number of parties, and many times delays are simply a case of finger-pointing. Our Professional Services Group and Network Engineers lets you hand off a project and simply watch it get done. You put together the objectives, and we get to work. If you're looking to outsource the whole thing, our Professional Services Group will coordinate every aspect of the project, communicating status updates in a way that meshes with how you do business.

Hardware repair

As one of our core services we employ highly competent service repair technicians to offer our managed clients alternatives to replacement for failed equipment.

Our team is fully versed in server, desktop, laptop and printer repairs. Team Networks provides comprehensive PC hardware maintenance for your workstations.

A call-out for service for our managed clients will consist of a guaranteed response time with estimates to fix or replace, re-installation of the operating system or software upgrade if necessary and reconfiguration for your network.

Emergency Response

If you experience a business critical issue we will respond quickly. Problems happen, It’s how you deal with them that separates Team Networks from other service providers.

Technology isn’t perfect, it will fail and it will become obsolete. Going in with that understanding your business needs a retainer based relationship with a service company that you can rely on when you need them most.

Why take a chance that you will be able to find a competent service company who can help you when your IT system is down? Our support services cover a broad spectrum of technical support and implementation capabilities. First response help desk, scheduled visits, and dispatched engineers for emergency response are all included in your NetManage service agreement.

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